We provide wedding photography and wedding films services. We also do pre-wedding shoots and films on client’s requirements. We prefer getting the complete package booked with us to give you the best experience as pre-wedding shoots are best ways to get to know the couple beforehand.

We do not have any standard package as all the weddings are different and we completely understand that. We have tailor-made packages as per the requirements of the bride and groom which can fit in every pocket.

At Fiaba Weddings we strongly believe that it is the artist who captures the magical moments with an equally magical camera. We at Fiaba are a community of these talented artists who have years of experience in the wedding industry and are passionate about capturing your big day. We use prime lenses in all our assignments and never compromise on quality. Every team that comes to capture your wedding will have a minimum experience of over 300 weddings. This makes our team one of the most experienced in the industry. We are the only ones who share the portfolio and style of each and every team member who is coming to cover your wedding. So rest assured we give you the best. To know more about what you should keep in mind before booking a photography team, please read here. You can know more about how we select a wedding team here.

We have a very rigorous process of selection where an artist goes through multiple rounds of selection. We ensure that they have required experience in shooting various cultures, locations, and sizes. Every artist is then assessed for his attitude and we ensure that he fits our values. To know more about how we select our artists read here.

Each artist has an experience of over 100 weddings and multiple cultures. Having shot in at least 3 different states in the past.

Every photographer has their own unique style and role in a team. While our candid photographers will have an unobtrusive style of photography, they will disappear in the crowd to ensure that every moment is captured in its true sense without any fear of getting photographed. So if you are one of the “Chandlers” in the house, there is nothing to worry the outcome will be great.
Our Portraits and traditionals will offer direction and would require your support in order to get the natural chemistry without looking gimmicky.
Our artists are known to experiment now and then and would definitely like to try out new styles of the time and the couple permits.

Timely delivery is one of our primary responsibilities and we build our credibility in the wedding business by making the delivery on time. We do not like to blame the heavy wedding season for any kind of late deliveries. We take 3-4 weeks to deliver the pictures and 8-10 weeks for the films.

We love keeping our couples happy but we also care about the quality of the pictures and hence, we process all the images before delivering it to the client. We will be providing the client with all the technically correct pictures and will not hold back anything with us. You will be happy with the number of pictures you get.

Yes, we do destination weddings. We would go wherever you decide to marry. We have a dedicated team of artists who are experienced in the destination wedding. More about our artists can be read here.

We ask our couple to give their suggestions for the wedding films firstly. We try to incorporate their suggestions in the best possible manner. In the end, it’s your wedding film, we do not want to impose anything on you.

We take 50% payment at the time of booking. Remaining 50% is divided into 2 parts – 40% on the first day of the shoot and 10% at the time of sharing the final content.

We prefer to freeze everything at the time of booking, as every booking comes with a lot of background work. However, in cases of any additional requirement post booking, we can accommodate it at an additional cost.

We understand that Indian wedding functions might go out of the schedule. We are flexible with the timings to a reasonable degree and would love to cover everything without disturbing the natural course of the wedding. We will be around – don’t worry. Any adjustment to pricing, if at all, can be discussed later.

We have very good designers and printers in our team and would not say No to the couples for any printing requirements. However, this is totally at the discretion of the couples if they want it or not.

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