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Wedding Photography

Things to avoid while selecting a wedding photographer

Hello guys, we’re back again with some really important points to keep in mind while booking a Wedding Photographer this wedding season.  


  • Quality work

    This is something you shouldn’t compromise upon. And better quality comes with experience. So it is recommended that you look for an experienced photographer with a minimum experience of 3 years. Also never go for the quantity of photographs but one should definitely look for better quality. After all, it’s your wedding day and photos is the one which will help you relieve those beautiful moments again.


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  • Sales season

    It’s true we all love discounts. But it is important to recognize that we’re not compromising on good quality for some discounts. One thing is for sure it’s the Photographer’s talent to make a budget dress look magnificent. Hence, it’s recommended that before closing a deal with a Photographer you’re pretty clear about the quality that he is providing you with also you’re sure that it’s worth the money.


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  • Wait too long to get a photographer

    Let’s be very clear that the wedding photographer is booked on time. This is a very important because if you’re looking for a good photographer and if he’s quite famous he’ll get booked quite soon. And a couple would not want to compromise anything related their wedding day.


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  • Recommendations –

    Well, this is a fact that few venues will suggest you, certain Photographers since they pay a cost to be recommended to you. A few merchants offer their spots on their “favored seller” records. But let’s be clear it’s not true for all the venues. Only thing I would suggest is to double check with the photographer recommended by venues to assure everything from your side for your wedding day.