Bridal Beauty Kit
Wedding Guide

15 Bride Essentials for all the Wedding functions


Though your Make-up artist will leave no stone unturned to make you look dazzling on all your wedding functions and you would not need your entire trousseau beauty kit with you. Still, we suggest you keep the following things handy in a bag especially when the venue is a different location than your home. Make a person- your sister or friend to be in charge of it.

  1. Your Face Cleanser, toner & moisturizer
  2. Lipsticks – The shades of the lipsticks you carry should be either same as your MUA would apply to you or similar in tone so that you can do your touch up even without your MUA.
  3. Your favorite perfume
  4. Toothbrush– Brides often forget to keep such small things in a rush to cover all the bigger things.
  5. Hairbrush/Comb– This is the last thing you would want to share with anyone.
  6. Bloating paper/Napkins – For absorbing all the oil/sweat/moisture/shine developed on your makeup.
  7. Nail paints/nail paint remover/nail cutter – Even when nails are well-manicured, you might need them.
  8. Clear nail polish – In case you chip your well-manicured nails.
  9. Face mist – This can freshen up your face without disturbing the makeup.
  10. Hair Spray – To keep your hair stay under control.
  11. Vaseline – In case you develop dryness over any of your body parts.
  12. Makeup remover & Cotton balls
  13. Safety pins/ Bobby pins
  14. Dry shampoo
  15. Small Mirror

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