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15 things in the “Emergency Kit” for every “Bride”


Hello Bride, you may have been planning your fairytale wedding for over a year; still, regardless of supervising everything, there can always be few hiccups to make you nervous on the most precious day of your life. Here is a list of all the things you should have in your bag to get ready for such emergency situations ahead of time!

  1. Power bank- The bride’s phone can never go out of battery, Period!
  2. Double sided tape- This can be a useful hack for anything keeping in place eg. sticking matha tikka on your head, for the setting of dupatta etc.
  3. Pair of flats – You should keep an extra pair of flats to slip on it after a lot of dancing/ standing or in case you develop a shoe bite because of a new shoe.
  4. Q-Tips– To get all minor corrections on make up.
  5. Straws– for sipping teas/coffees/drinks with lipstick on.
  6. Small sewing kit – For some last minute alterations.
  7. Razor – for any random stray of hair which got missed accidentally.
  8. Mouthwash/Mints – To keep your mouth fresh!
  9. Pain killers– You can’t let any pain in your body to dominate your mind.
  10. Energy drink or at least a Glucose powder– When your body tries to give up and you need an energy boost.
  11. Extra strings for the petticoat– In some rare cases, this comes as a very useful thing.
  12. Band-aids – If in case, you get any small cut/ scratch/ shoe bite.
  13. Chocolates – Just like that!
  14. Sanitary napkins/tampons– You never know what “bridal stress” can lead up to.
  15. Hygiene wipes– to avoid any kind of discomfort.

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