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How to choose the best wedding photographer?


Young couples today, want everything to be perfect. Whether it is about their wedding attires or the decoration and set up, or their honeymoon trip, and of course the Wedding Photographer.

While there is a long To-do list to worry about, hiring the right wedding photographer seems like the biggest problem with many couples. For reasons like these:

  • Not everyone has a technical understanding of photography.
  • They don’t know what precisely should be expected from a photographer.
  • They don’t have a fair idea of how the team actually works.


So, how do things exactly work?

Honestly put, Wedding Photography is one of the most complicated projects to work upon with a series of potential state of failures. Let’s take you through the challenges faced by the industry.

  • Wedding is a one-time event, happening live with no retakes. So, whatever has been captured in one-shot is what remains forever.
  • Weddings are seasonal, hence very few photographers are full-time wedding photographers. They mostly do one or more different types of projects, like – commercial photography, portrait photography, lifestyle photography, food photography etc.
  • There are over 20,000 photography companies in the country but most of the photographers in the wedding industry are freelancers with less than 5% being full-time on company payrolls.
  • Freelancers are hard to find and there is no organized way to collaborate and work together. Hence only personal circles become teams.
  • The industry is reeling for a lot of inexperienced people with rented cameras, who are claiming themselves as artists. Creativity is fading.


What’s the catch here?

Well, wedding photography relies majorly on two criteria –

  • The Photographer
  • The Equipments used

Every artist has his own expertise in capturing moments – long shots, bridal shots/portraits, some will make wide angle shots look surreal while others might be very powerful in black and whites. It is the photographer’s experience and expertise that matters, not the company. The efforts that artists put in capturing the right moments is what counts the most!

Secondly, the equipment also plays an equally important role. It is important to have the right set of lenses to make a right capture. A mix of both prime lenses and zoom lenses are generally used in capturing a wedding. Wide aperture prime lenses are a must for portrait and low light photography. To know more about different lenses used in photography click here


 How do I know which team to select?

Well, that’s a challenge. While there might be several world-class artists in the country but finding them is definitely a difficult task. Further, there will be no control on who is going to be a part of the team that has been booked by you. All you get is the number of photographers/cinematographers who will be a part of your wedding and the experience of the company, which in this case doesn’t matter.


So, what is the best way to find good artists?

 The first way is you can check out artists’ reviews on wedding portals, but that is not a reliable source as these portals are heavily commercialized and only paid members are given higher rankings. You might end up selecting one of the paid members. However, if you spend more time ensure these checks for sure-

  • Going through the complete portfolio and ensuring the similarity of work done as per your culture.
  • Look for photographers with recommendations on social media and other platforms.
  • Have a personal discussion with the photographers, check professionalism and how easy will it be to work with them, what equipment and cameras they would be using and who all specifically will come to cover your wedding.
  • If they suit your pocket or not.
  • Beware of over promise and under-delivery. Do not trust unrealistic deliverables.

The second way is that you consult your photographer friends to help you identify a team of good artists.

Alternatively, you can come to Fiaba Weddings and get the best team for your Big Day.


Why Fiaba Weddings? How does it work?


Fiaba Weddings is a community of talented artists who are experts in a specific genre with immense experience. We design every team ensuring that there is an accurate blend of different styles and expertise in each. Every team comes with a total experience of over 300 weddings.

For this reason, we do not come with a standard package because all our artists are different, just like our clients and their requirements. We also share a detailed profile of the appointed photographers for your shoot, their core expertise and not mere names.

Fiaba Weddings takes end-to-end ownership of delivery against the timelines promised. So, while we have one of the most experienced community of artists, we also have the best processes to ensure a delightful experience.

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We hope this helps you in making the right choice for your Big Day’s Big Shoot. Cheers!

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